Three Times To Think About Buying A Used Bus

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At first glance, you might not have a strong compulsion to visit a local auto dealer with the intention of buying a used bus — after all, it might not fit in your driveway, nor would it be practical for running errands with. However, think about the organizations that you contribute to, and you may have a solid reason for looking for this type of vehicle. Buying a used bus can save you a significant amount of money over buying a new vehicle, and as long as you buy the bus from a reputable dealer, you can count on the bus having been through a multipoint inspection that will have identified and addressed any issues.Here are three times to think about buying a used bus, such as from Sawyers Bus Sales.

You Coach A Youth Sports Team

Youth sports teams often rely on buses to travel to games and tournaments, but will often partner with a local transportation service to provide the vehicle. Figure out how much this service costs you annually, and then evaluate this number against the cost of buying a bus. While the latter has an up-front cost, it may prove to be a smarter financial decision in the long run. A bus is the ideal vehicle for allowing your team and all of its gear to travel together, rather than in several minivans, for example.

You Run A Church Group

If you're active in a church group that routinely takes outings throughout the city and state, a used bus may be a valuable purchase. Having this vehicle means that your group won't have to divide up to travel in different vehicles, which can be handy logistically and also enjoyable for the group members to ride together. The bus will also provide room for any equipment you're carrying — for example, if you're traveling to donate food to a food bank and volunteer time there, the bus will hold not only the group members, but also the food you've collected.

You Work At A Seniors Residence

Buying a bus is also a smart move if you work at a seniors residence and, in particular, you run the home's programming. The home may have a wide range of group outings throughout the week, including visiting theaters, malls, casinos, and schools, and it may be a logistical challenge to have staff members take the seniors in several different personal vehicles. With a used bus added to the equation, the process of traveling gets much simpler.