Small Details To Notice During A Test Drive

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When you take a test drive of a used car, you're likely focused on a variety of details related to the vehicle. For example, you might notice how easily a vehicle accelerates, how much you have to turn the wheel when you go around corners, and how comfortable you feel in the driver's seat. While these important details are critical toward evaluating the vehicle, you should also make a point of noticing some smaller details, too. Taking the time to notice some other details about the used vehicle will allow you to evaluate it more thoroughly, thus helping you to decide whether it's the right one for you to buy. Here are some smaller details to notice.

Position Of Certain Controls

Take note of the position of various controls around the driver's seat. In many cars, you'll find that there are buttons on the steeling wheel that allow you to adjust the radio volume, use the cruise control, and perform other similar functions. If you're used to vehicles with this feature, you may not wish to have to reach over to the dashboard to make these adjustments. You should also note which controls are on the dashboard versus on the console between the two front seats. While you may be able to get used to any new arrangement, it's ideal if you're happy with how these elements are set up before you buy the vehicle.

Holding Accessories

You should also evaluate the accessories that hold certain objects. For example, check out the cup holders; this is something that you might not think to do, but can be important. Note not only the placement of each cup holder, but also its size. If you take a large drink container containing a breakfast shake to work each day, is the cup holder large enough to accommodate it? This might seem like a small detail, but it would be a hassle to transfer your drink into a smaller mug every morning. Likewise, notice spots to hold your smartphone and wallet.

Storage Elements

A vehicle will typically have a variety of storage elements, so make sure that you also evaluate these. Check the pockets inside the front doors, the pockets attached to the rear of the front seats, the size of the trunk, the ease with which the rear seat folds down to accommodate large loads, and any other storage areas throughout the vehicle. If you frequently find yourself carrying lots of goods in your vehicle, you want to be sure that the new one suits your needs.

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