4 Features To Look For In Your Next Crossover

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If you need a family vehicle that still gets good gas mileage and will also provide your family with enough space for all the passengers and gear that you need to carry, you are going to want to look at a brand new crossover vehicle for your family.

Rearview Camera

Any crossover vehicle that you purchase should come with a rearview camera. It is impossible in most vehicles to see all of your blind spots with a traditional rearview mirror, which is why the rearview camera has become almost a standard safety feature for most vehicles. Make sure that your crossover has a rearview camera that is easy to use and provides you with a good range of coverage.

Individual Tire Alerts

For the past decade or so, tire pressure monitoring systems have become more common. The downside to tire pressure monitoring systems is that they were designed to monitor the entire system. Newer systems have individual tire alert systems that monitor the tire pressure on each individual tire, allowing you to know which tire needs more air or which tire needs to be replaced. This information is a lot more useful than the older tire pressure systems.

Driver Assist Technology

Next, make sure that your crossover comes with some of the latest driver assist technology features. These features offer additional coverage and detection when someone is in your blind spot, alerting you so that you don't make a lane change when a vehicle is riding in your blind spot.

Other driver assist technology includes a features that help you stay in your lane when you are driving. Camera are used to see the lines on the road, and your vehicle is given a gentle nudge when you go outside the lines.

There are also pre-collision breaking driver assist technology. Pre-collision warnings let you know when someone is too close to you, and even puts on the breaks if they think a crash could happen.

All of these driver-assist technologies are in place to act as back-up systems that ensure that you stay safe on the road when driving in heavy traffic and for long periods of time.

LED Responsive Headlights

If you have ever felt blinded by another driver's headlights, look for a crossover vehicle that has LED responsive headlights. With LED responsive headlights, the lights that you put out will be adjusted based on oncoming traffic, ensuring that you are able to see when you are driving and that the oncoming drivers are able to see as well.

When looking for a crossover vehicle, make sure that it comes with a rearview camera, driver assist technology to keep you safe, responsive headlights that adjust to the environment, and individual tire pressure alert systems. Your brand new crossover vehicle should come with all the latest and best safety features.

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