Buying A Truck To Use For Snow Plowing? Ensure That It Has These Features

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If you're an entrepreneurial-minded individual who enjoys helping people in your community, there are many different ventures that you can explore. For those who live in a climate that gets lots of snow each winter, one idea to consider is plowing peoples' driveways. You don't need a commercial snow plow for this job; instead, buying a pickup truck and equipping it with a plow attachment will allow you to get the job done. If you're moving forward with this plan and have begun to shop for a new truck, you'll want to choose a model that offers these handy features.

Short Box

A lot of people buy pickup trucks that have long boxes, as there are a number of advantages of having a vehicle with more cargo space. If you're planning to primarily use your new truck for snow plowing, however, a short box is generally all that you'll need. When you're plowing snow, you aren't typically carrying anything in the box of your truck — which makes a long box unnecessary. Additionally, if you're working in tight environments such as small driveways and parking lots, you'll appreciate a truck with a short box because the truck won't be as long as one with a long box.

Heated Seats And Steering Wheel

While you'll spend most of your time in the driver's seat of your truck, you'll occasionally find yourself out in the snowy conditions. For example, if you're also shoveling clients' walkways and steps after you plow their driveways, you may spend a few minutes out in the cold at each location you visit. When you return to your pickup truck, you'll want to warm up quickly. It's ideal for the truck to be equipped with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. These will provide much-needed warmth to your body.


A lot of high-end vehicles have a touchscreen in the center of the front console, but this is a feature that many pickup trucks have available, too. There are several scenarios in which a truck's touchscreen can be handy, but you'll appreciate it when you're plowing snow. Not only will this screen allow you to clearly monitor the truck's backup camera feed so that you can back up safely, but you'll also be able to easily use the built-in navigation system so that you can find new clients' homes or businesses quickly. Visit a local dealership that specializes in pickup trucks for sale to find a vehicle that suits you.