5 Car Features That Enhance Your Comfort

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Driving a car isn't all about safety and power; it is also about comfort. You want to drive a vehicle that is comfortable and that you enjoy spending time in. Look for the following five car features to enhance your comfort. 

Massage Seat

If you spend a lot of time sitting in your car, you may enjoy a massage seat. A massage seat has air bladders inside of it that inflate and deflate with air as you drive, thus providing you with the feeling of a massage as you drive. You will experience a kneading feeling in your back that can provide you with relief from upper or lower back pain.

Ventilated Seats

Heated seats have now been around for decades; however, ventilated seats are newer. Ventilated seats are designed to allow you to cool your seat off. Combined with heated seats, you will be able to adjust your seat's temperature so that you are always comfortable.

Executive Rear Seats

Executive seats are more comfortable than bench-style seats. With executive rear seats, the people you transport will feel great. They will be able to fit in a comfortable seat that they can individually adjust to meet their needs. You can recline the seat as well for additional relaxation. With executive rear seats, you can enjoy a full center console so that those in the back have access to climate control and audio control as well.

Active Suspension

With active suspension, you never have to worry about bumps in the road. Instead, your vehicle will use sensors to measure bumps in the road and adjust the suspension to decrease the impact of dips and bumps in the road. Turning will also be smoother, as an active suspension is designed to reduce your vehicle's roll as you turn.

Driver Settings

If you share a vehicle with someone and take turns driving it, having a set that you can program to different settings can be nice. When the other person drives, they don't have to spend time fixing the settings. Instead, they can just turn the seat onto their driver mode, and the seat will be back in the position that it needs to be in.

When you purchase a new car, be sure to pay attention to the features that make using the car more comfortable. You want to feel good driving your car, so pay attention to how you feel when you test drive a vehicle and adjust all the different features to see how they work. Visit a dealership like Gary Rome Kia to see what vehicles are available.