Signs You Need To Take Your Car To The Service Center

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There are service centers at your local auto dealer where you purchased your vehicle. A service center may specialize in the make of your vehicle — such as a Ford service center — or may cater to just larger vehicles or smaller family sedans. Choose the auto service center that meets your needs and budget best.

A service center for automobiles can do many things from offering to change out tires to doing towing services as needed. Here are some signs you need to take your car to the service center. If your car is not running or you fear it breaking down on the road, call the service center where you bought your vehicle or one that is closest to you to see if they have on-site services for repairs or if they offer towing services for an added fee.

Your vehicle is leaking any type of fluid

Even water leaking from your vehicle can be cause for concern. Never take a leak coming from your vehicle lightly since a leak can mean that the engine, brakes, transmission, or other important parts of your car are not working as they should. If your car is leaking any type of fluid or oil, try to identify the color of the fluids leaking and let your auto service specialist know. If your car is leaking brake fluid, do not drive your car; call your service company to get towed since your vehicle may not be safe to drive.

Your vehicle is rocking or rumbling when you drive

Is your vehicle pulling to one side when you drive? Does it shake or rumble or seem to be going out of control? From shocks to an alignment issue, your car may be telling you it's not operating at its best. While these issues may appear minor and annoying at best, letting a car be out of alignment can cause tire and axle issues in the future, and bad shocks can put stress on your car. Call a service center that works on alignment and other specialty vehicle issues to work on your car.

When you take your car into the service center for repairs, ask the auto repair representative if they offer rental cars while yours is being worked on. Some vehicle service centers offer this feature or at least sub-contract with rental car companies to meet their customers' needs best. How long your car will take to be serviced is reliant on many factors, so ask your auto service technician for a time frame for repairs.