4 Essential Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Repaired Now

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Your brakes are one of the parts on your vehicle that need to be replaced regularly. That is why it is essential to be aware of the signs that your brakes can't wait to be fixed any longer, and you need to get them into the shop right away to be repaired.

Sign #1: Grinding Sound

When your brake pads first start to wear down, they will make a high-pitched screeching sound, which, while annoying, doesn't mean your brakes are at risk of failing anytime soon. That loud screeching sound is meant to annoy you and let you know that you need to replace your brake pads.

If your brake pads wear down to the point that you hear a grinding sound, your pads have worn all the way down. Your pads are experiencing metal-on-metal action, and your rotors are taking a beating as well. A grinding sound does mean you need to get to the mechanic as soon as possible and limit your driving until your brakes are fixed.

Sign #2: Vibrations

When you hit your brakes, you should feel the natural resistance from your brakes, and your vehicle should smoothly slow down. If you feel vibrations when you are pressing on your brakes, that means that there is an issue with your rotors. Your rotors have become warped, which generally happens when your rotors are old and thin, making them more likely to become damaged and warped. This vibration, as it increases over time, will hamper the effectiveness of your brake system.

Sign #3: Slow Stopping

When you hit your brakes, your brain knows how long it will take your vehicle to stop. If you notice when you hit your brakes, your vehicle is not stopping as it should, then that is usually a sign that you have a leak in your brake system. A leak in your brake system is extremely serious; if your vehicle leaks too much brake fluid, your brakes are eventually not going to work at all and are not going to stop.

Sign #4: Leaking Fluid

Finally, you need to be aware of when your vehicle starts to leak fluid. If your vehicle is leaking fluid, and the fluid is pooled around your tires, the fluid is more than likely brake fluid. Brake fluid looks similar to motor oil but doesn't have the same slimy consistency.

If your vehicle is making a grinding noise or vibrates when you brake, your brake pads and rotors are worn down. If your vehicle is slow to slow down or is leaking fluid, that is another sign it needs emergency repair.

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