Main Considerations for Your Hooklift System Truck Purchase

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The average person probably sees hooklift system trucks on the road and sees little reason for their use. But if you operate a business that requires a lot of heavy hauling, you can benefit greatly from owning these kinds of trucks. Hooklift trucks are the ultimate utility vehicles for businesses across a wide range of industries, including construction, demolition, waste removal, recycling, roadside assistance, mining, logging, and many more. As the name suggests, these trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic hook lift hoist at the rear to allow for hauling operations.

Buying a hooklift truck for your business's needs is a major investment. But, with hook lift trucks coming in many shapes and sizes, you'll want to make sure you're making the right investment. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a hooklift truck for your commercial needs.

Lift Capacity 

Primarily designed to allow haulers to load and unload materials of different sizes and weights at ground level, hook lift trucks come in a range of lift capacities. The heavier the materials you intend to lift, the more powerful your hooklift system should be to ensure safe and efficient haulage. However, if you decide to go for slightly more lifting power than you need, it will give you the flexibility to carry heavier loads in the future. Consider both your current and future needs when determining how much lifting power you really need.

Cab Control System

Hooklift trucks are available in a variety of in-cab control systems, which typically fall into three main categories: pneumatic, hydraulics, and electric controls. Each control system has specific pros and cons that make it more suited to certain applications than others.

Generally, however, hydraulics are more suited for trucks and heavy equipment applications due to their high power and easy mobility. When it comes to light-duty haulage operations, electric controls may work well as they have quick response times, which makes them fast performers.

Operating Style

Do you require a hooklift system that slides, tilts, or does both? Modern hooklift trucks can provide a sliding, tilting, or a combination of sliding-tilting movement for your heavy lifting operations. Make sure you also carefully think about the sorts of container change-outs you'll require and how frequently you'll need to make them when choosing the right operating mechanism for your lifting truck.

For help selecting the right hook lift truck for your commercial hauling needs, don't hesitate to talk to the sales reps at a local hooklift system truck dealership, such as Ruble Truck Sales Inc