Explaining The Differences Between Open And Closed Trailers And Why It Matters

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There are certainly a wide variety of trailers out there. When you spot ads like "H and H trailers for sale," among other makes, models, and styles of trailers, you begin to realize that simply buying a trailer is not so simple. For starters, do you know the differences between an open and closed trailer? Do you know why it matters? No? Okay, the following information explains those differences and the reason why it matters.

Open Trailers

Open trailers can be aluminum, steel, wood, and any other manner of materials that trailers are customarily made of. They do not have enclosures or side rails or even a front rail for that matter. In fact, there is nothing enclosing the bed of the trailer at all. The one plus to not having any rails or walls is that you can use ratcheting straps to secure anything you wheel up onto the flatbed of the trailer, including ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. The bad thing is that you cannot carry anything loose, like bricks, long pipes, or a few long pieces of lumber.

Closed Trailers

Closed trailers are completely enclosed. They are boxes on wheels that protect everything you put into them. Rain cannot touch whatever you place inside, and you can easily lock up this kind of trailer and know that everything inside is safe. It is the type of trailer that can hold a lot of stuff, and then transport that stuff anywhere in the country that you go. Extra storage areas are built into a closed trailer for times when you need to store really small items, and you do not want the small items rolling around or getting lost inside the main body of the trailer itself. This is vastly different from an open trailer that has no walls, doors, or storage compartments whatsoever. Additionally, closed trailers are almost always entirely metal and no wood.

Why It Matters

‚ÄčOpen trailers are consistently exposed to the elements. They will get wet, they will collect snow and ice, they will get weather-beaten and quite worn just sitting. Anything you transport on these trailers is easy to load because of the drop-down loading tracks, but it too will get quite wet, too. A closed trailer can hold only some of the recreational equipment an open trailer can, but anything you store in the closed trailer will never be affected by the weather. 

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